Directions: To fill out a work request, please complete the following form. This request is for NON-EMERGENCY SERVICE MAINTENANCE REQUESTS.

Work Orders CANNOT be submitted for the following items:

  • Lofting and delofting your bed - submit requests at
  • All other furniture changes – submit through your building’s Office Manager
  • Pest control – submit through your building’s Office Manager
  • Room lock changes – submit through your building’s Office Manager
  • Network and Technology work orders – submit through the Tech Help Desk
  • Laundry or RamCash deposit stations - call (970) 491-2344 or request a refund online
  • Landscaping and grounds (trim bushes, sprinklers, parking lot lights) - call Facilities Management at (970) 491-0077

Either Residence Hall Building OR Apartment Complex (and the associated room number) is required.  Please do not enter both.






Please press submit button when you have completed filling out the form. You will be notified by either email or phone what the number of the work order is within 48 hours (2 days), of submitting the form, Monday - Friday. If you submit a request during the weekend, Saturday or Sunday, you will receive notice of your work order the following business day.

Need help? Work Order Request Help

Complete our Customer Service Survey after your work order has been completed for a chance to win $100 RamCash! One winner will be randomly chosen at the end of the semester.