CSU requires that all newly admitted first-year students (Admissions Type “New”) and transfer students with fewer than 15 post-high school credits, who are single, under 21 years of age, and not living with their parents in the Fort Collins area, live in the University residence halls for the first two consecutive terms of their attendance. Credits taken concurrent with high school and/or credits attained through Advanced Placement (AP) do not apply towards living experience.

Housing Deposit and Refund Information

2016-2017 Room & Board Rates (Per Semester)*

Room Type ANY 10 ANY 14 ANY 21
Community-Style Double
(Allison, Durward, Edwards,
Ingersoll,Newsom, Westfall)
$5,009 $5,350 $5,555
Community-Style Double
(Laurel Village)
$5,281 $5,622 $5,827
Suite-Style Double
(Braiden, Corbett, Parmelee)
$5,476 $5,817 $6,022
Community-Style Single
(Durward, Westfall)
$5,694 $6,035
Suite-Style Double
(Summit, Parmelee/Braiden 4th floor)
$5,781 $6,122
Community-Style Double Corner
(Durward, Westfall)
$5,805 $6,146 $6,351
Suite-Style Double with Private Bathroom
(Academic Village** or Laurel Village)
$5,874 $6,215 $6,420
Suite-Style Double in Quad
(Academic Village**)
$5,874 $6,215
Community-Style Single
(Laurel Village)
$6,034 $6,375 $6,580
Suite-Style Single
(Laurel Village, Summit,
Parmelee/Braiden 4th Floor)
$6,752 $7,093
Suite-Style Single in Quad
(Laurel Village)
$6,752 $7,093 $7,298
Suite-Style Single with Private Bathroom
(Academic Village** or
Laurel Village)
$6,959 $7,300

All meal plans include $150 RamCash.

‡ANY 21 meal plans can be upgraded to ANY MEAL, ANY TIME  (up to 12 meals per day) for an additional $310 per semester

*Fall 2017-Spring 2018 prices subject to change pending approval by the Board of Governors

** Engineering majors living in the Academic Village Engineering Residential Learning Community will be assessed an additional program charge of $175 per semester through the College of Engineering.


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